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Drunk Man Burns 18 Vehicles In Delhi — Diwali Gone Wrong; Watch The Video

Abhinand Venugopal

Madangir, South Delhi: 18 vehicles burnt by a drunk man during Diwali season. A video of a man burning 18 vehicles in Madangir, South Delhi, has become viral on social media. The one-and-a-half-minute video shows the man initiating the fire using just a matchstick.

The video shared by Times Of India starts with the man checking out something under the bike's fuel tank; possibly the fuel line. He is intoxicated to a level such that he cannot even stand properly. However, he did manage to find the fuel line; something which most people do not even know, exists.

After making the fuel drain, he 'precisely' targetted a lit match on it. The bike caught fire in a moment's notice and the man runs away from the scene, but seems to have forgotten something.

For reasons known to him only, he runs in the opposite direction while the bike slowly burns more of its owner's pocket rather than itself. As per reports, the fire spread to 14 two-wheelers and four cars.

The man is still on the run and the cops are trying their best to trace him down. The incident happened on Tuesday, early in the morning. The police and fire department reached the location at around 3:05 am.