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Don’t let air pollution rule your life, it’s time YOU made the rules for healthy living

Don't let air pollution rule your life, it's time YOU made the rules for healthy living

Have you lately been feeling uneasy all the time? Do you have a stuffy nose and are unable to breathe quite normally? Experiencing aches and pains all over your body? If you haven’t guessed it already…the culprit is the infamous ‘air pollution’.

The ‘bad air’ wave in the country and tough times full of pollution, dust and high PM levels approaching us has got everyone wondering-how to protect oneself!

A major question that arises is that-Is pollution only outside or inside our homes, too?

The answer is simple, it’s not only the pollution outdoors but the sub-standard air inside our homes that we must be cautious of.

While keeping hydrated at all times and eating healthy is important, there is one more thing that is essential to have in all homes today-an air purifier. Indoor pollution can be 2-5 times of the pollution outside. Because, outdoor pollution enters our homes and gets trapped due to low or no circulation inside. Also, multiple activities indoors that we undertake daily like cooking, smoking, paints, polishes, use of deodorants, VOCs from appliances, etc. add to indoor pollution. Purifiers like the Philips Air Purifiers come with TRUE HEPA filters that remove particles from the air that cause allergies and respiratory conditions. Using such a purifier will help to keep away from deadly viruses like the H1N1, allergy causing pollen, smoke from cooking and cigarettes and so much more!

Don't let air pollution rule your life, it's time YOU made the rules for healthy living
Don't let air pollution rule your life, it's time YOU made the rules for healthy living

India and it’s cities are not only known for high pm levels now but also known for its hot and humid weather. A country where people use air conditioners widely… it’s believed that ACs act like air purifiers. But, this is not the case. A large number of ACs come with only a pre-filter that can merely remove large dust particles, but don't have the technology to remove TVOCs and gaseous pollutants like NOx, SO2, benzene and ozone. Also, they cannot remove the harmful PM2.5 pollutant that can cause issues like Asthma, and COPD. Leading air purifier brands such as Philips have come out with a three way filtration process with pre-filters to remove dust, pet dander and large pollutants, Activated carbon filter to remove TVOCs, harmful gases and fumes, and a HEPA filter to remove PM2.5, bacteria, virus and ultrafine pollutants. Therefore, it’s essential to have both, an air conditioner for the summers and an air-purifier for the entire year-round! Because, why compromise when it comes to living the best life!

While we all earn a living for ourselves and our families, we also love to splurge on fancy apparel, great food and outings. But, why is it that when it comes to our health we tend to think twice? A large number of the population feels that purchasing an air purifier could burn a hole in their pockets. We say, not at all! Air purifiers are a life-long investment. The return that you get in terms of your family's health and well-being is much much higher than the money that you spend purchasing it. Also, in the last 3-4 years, top brands have innovated and come out with better and improved technology and reduced prices. Therefore, if you're thinking of buying an Air purifier from a trusted brand, we are sure it will be totally worth it.

While we raise questions on the ill effects of air pollution on our health, the one really being targeted is our ‘immunity’! In simple terms, our immune system is everything for us-the body’s sole defense against infection and illnesses. Just image… having the one that saves you from all that’s harmful, getting in trouble. Trust us, your immunity in trouble is no joke!

Believing that, air purifiers makes one dependent and in turn reduces immunity is completely baseless.

In fact, when pollutants like PM2.5, dust, pollen, and others creep into your lungs, they cause irreparable damage resulting in health implications such as lung cancer, COPD, Asthma and other respiratory issues. Air purifiers reduce the exposure of your lungs to these deadly pollutants and boosts immunity. These purifiers not only improve overall health but also safeguard our immunity.

It’s not a hidden fact anymore that we really need to buckle up and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the ever-increasing air pollution… this safeguarding can be done only by us! Opting for the right brand and the right product like the Philips air purifier that promises to keep the air healthy and free from all harmful pollutants is only going to benefit and not disappoint us. The time is perfect and so is the purifier! Let’s make this year go down in history as the year of the big defeat of air pollution! #BreatheHealthy #MakeLifeBetter

(This article is sponsored by Philips Air Purifier)