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Does India have the edge over China's military? Check this out

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It is a takedown of epic proportions. When a Chinese journalist warned India and poked fun its military and economy, a Twitter user locked horns with him and brought him face to face with reality.

Even as deescalation efforts are on, following the June 15 clash that killed 20 Indian soldiers and 35 Chinese troops, tension continues to hang heavy in the air.

Soon after the clash, Chinese hawks took to social media to mock India, leading to a call in India to boycott China-made products. This did not go down well with the Chinese.

Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese and English editions of the Global Times, the Chinese government mouthpiece, tweeted:

‘Indian nationalists, stop inciting confrontation. The fact is India can't beat China militarily and its weak economy isn't able to sanction China. Don't bluff and stop pushing more Indian soldiers to risk their lives. You are duping Indian people and hurting your country.’

Take a look at the takedown of the Chinese assertion of its military having an edge over the Indian armed forces:

While China is the world’s third strongest military power, after the United States and Russia, India is no spring chicken either. It ranks as the world’s 4th most powerful military.

Understandably, there has been some silence on Twitter, the Chinese continue to warn India of ‘serious consequences’. Ever mindful of the threat that its two neighbours pose to India, the nation’s defence forces are on full alert to take on and crush any eventuality.