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The Dilip Ghosh effect? Bengal man approaches finance co seeking gold loan against cows

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Days after Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh claimed that cow milk contains gold, a dairy farmer from Bengal’s Dankuni area landed up at a branch of Manappuram Finance Limited hoping to get a gold loan against two cows.

Earlier this week, Ghosh created a stir with his remarks that ‘desi’ cows produce gold in the ‘swarnanari’ of their hump after sunlight falls on it. He went to say that, the gold can be found in the cow’s milk, which is why they need to be worshipped.

A news channel named Dnn Bangla reported the incident and spoke to the man who wished to get a gold loan. The farmer said, "I have heard that cow milk contains gold, which is why I am here to apply for gold loan."

The man, who runs a cow shelter nearby, said that he has been doing dairy farming with twenty cows for years now. "I would be able to invest more and expand my business if I get the gold loan," he said.

The news channel also reached out to the Head of Garalgachha Gram Panchayat, Manoj Singh, who strongly criticised the statements of Ghosh saying that the villagers got fooled by the statement and is now reaching out to the Panchayet asking whereabouts to get a gold loan.

"They are coming in saying that their cows produce 15-16 litres of milk, so they should get gold loan," he said. Launching a scathing attack against the Bengal BJP chief, Singh said, "Dilip Ghosh should be awarded the Nobel Prize for creating such a situation."

"Political leaders should think about providing services, most importantly ‘roti kapda makan’ to the people. But they are instead doing politics on religion and Hindutva," he added.

At an event in Burdwan district of Bengal, Ghosh also said that it is because of the gold that cow milk is yellowish, and foreign cows can not produce gold, because they do not have a hump – but a straight back, like a buffalo.

He also went on to say, "People can survive on cow milk alone, they do not need to take any other food." Ghosh stated it as one of the reasons why cows are worshipped.