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Digvijaya Singh wishes Muslims on Muharram, gets schooled on social media

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Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Tuesday made a gaffe when he wished Muslims on the occasion of Muharram which is being observed today. In a tweet, he said: ''Our salute to all the Muslim brothers and sisters on the auspicious occasion of Muharram." He called Muharram an 'auspicious occasion' which is not the case, Shia Muslims mourn this day for the murder of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad — Husayn ibn Ali.

Singh's remarks drew angry responses on social media with people questioning his knowledge about the community he pretends to care about. A social media user by the name of Nadeem, who is also an editor of Hindi daily, schooled the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister that Muharram was not a day of celebration but sorrow. He said: "On Muharram, tribute is paid to the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain and 72 family members. This is not a festival but a day of sorrow." Another social media user Deepak Pandey educated Digvijay Singh and wrote: ''Muharram not celebrated. 14 centuries ago grandson of Prophet Md Imam Hussain and his son, were mercilessly killed by fanatic Sunni Muslims in the Battle of Karbala. But Hussain msg of kindness, justice, equality lives among his followers called Shi'a." Some 'social media users also called it an insult to Shia Muslims and said he must apologise. Others took the attack a step further by saying that the Congress, which presents itself as the messiah of the Muslim and minorities, was only using them for votes and lacked even basic knowledge about their community. Digvijaya, however, is no stranger to controversy and has repeatedly found himself at the receiving end over his remarks. In the latest controversy surrounding him, Singh accused the Bajrang Dal and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of accepting funds from Pakistan's ISI to further its agenda in India. The remarks drew furious reactions from the party supporters, leading to a case being registered against him in the matter.