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The Digital Age Is Here; Is It Time To Unlearn?

These three young thinkers may change your perspective on jobs.

Driverless cars, artificial intelligence and 3-D printing are evidence that the world is changing quickly. In the backdrop of constant change, should India’s millennials stick to the age-old approach and jump onto an educational bandwagon, the end goal of which is a safe corporate job?

At least three young entrepreneurs – all under the age of 16 – who were part of a panel on the last day of NASSCOM’s leadership summit believe otherwise. Ishita Katiyal, an 11-year-old author and motivational speaker published her first book when she was eight. Saad Nasser, at 14, is the co-founder of a startup that is developing an autonomous truck. In his spare time, he also dabbles in blockchain technology. And Soumya Tejam is juggling two companies and her CBSE Board exams.

The panel’s brief was to help the heads of India’s information technology companies re-imagine and re-engineer their strategies. A conversation with the young entrepreneurs on the sidelines of this event made it clear that they think and do things differently.