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Dholera to be India’s first greenfield industrial city; 10 facts about the upcoming smart city

Devanjana Nag

Did you know, Dholera, located in Gujarat, is the first greenfield industrial city of India? The first phase of development for this ambitious smart city project is expected to be complete by September. According to officials quoted in a PTI report, the basic infrastructural facilities in the first phase are scheduled to be completed by the month of September this year. Dholera is being developed from scratch as a smart city. The plan is to develop robust infrastructure for industrial development in this saline region, situated near the Gulf of Khambhat. Here are 10 things to know about the upcoming Dholera smart city project:

1) The basic infrastructure for the Dholera Special Investment Region, initiation area of 22.5 kilometres will be ready by the month of September, this year.

2) For the development of smart infrastructure at this new industrial city, the central government has granted an amount of Rs 3000 crore. Out of which, for developing infrastructure before setting up of industries at the site, the DSIRDA has awarded contract works of Rs 2800 crore.

3) The smart city of Dholera will get stormwater drains, underground ducts, electricity and water supply, wastewater discharge, wide roads as well as good connectivity.

4) An expressway will come up, connecting Dholera to Ahmedabad. Also, a Metro line will be developed to reduce the travel time.

5) In the vicinity of Dholera city, an international airport will be set up as well.

6) The Dholera smart city will have 11% of open green area which officials say will be the largest in the country.

7) Moreover, for housing, the economically weaker sections (EWS), 10% of the area will be earmarked for residential purposes.

8) Interestingly, the tap water will be drinkable.

9) According to DSIRDA officials, once the first phase one of the project is completed, development of other phases in Dholera with a total area of 400 sq kilometres will be started.

10) Discussions are being held between authorities and various industrial houses for setting up plants in Dholera. The announcement is likely to be made during the Vibrant Gujarat 2019 summit beginning January 18.