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New Delhi railway station is now world-class! Indian Railways gives a beautiful upgrade to NDLS

Devanjana Nag

New Delhi railway station revamped! One of the most prominent stations of the country, the New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) now boasts a world-class feel! Indian Railways, under its station redevelopment and beautification initiative, has upgraded NDLS. The station at present handles more than 4 lakh passengers per day. Other than beautification of the station building, several noteworthy facilities and amenities have been provided for passengers to provide a safe and comfortable experience. We list out some of the major improvements which have been made recently at the New Delhi railway station:

1. Several new facilities including waiting rooms, new pre-paid auto-taxi booth, rest room for auto-taxi drivers, new swanky and modern “pay and use” toilet block (BOT model), stainless steel benches, RO water supply, beautified concourse hall, new washable aprons at platforms, etc. have been provided.

2. The entire station fa ade has been revamped with new colours scheme as well as LED lighting to give it an airport-standard feel. Also, space for parking, as well as pick-up and drop, is also being earmarked for all modes.

3. In order to handle the huge rush of passengers as well as vehicular traffic viz buses, cars, autos, taxis, etc. on Ajmere Gate side coming via Bhavbhuti Marg, the entry road as well as circulating areas have been remodelled completely. A new wide and multi-laned direct entry road from Bhavbhuti Marg to the station building has been constructed which is also flanked by green belt and footpaths on both sides.

4. Traffic marshals have been deployed by to regulate the traffic and to prevent unauthorized parking/vending/encroachments in the station’s circulating area.

5. The entire circulating area of the station has been renovated with high-quality concrete roads with multiple lanes, efficient drainage, fountains, landscaping, state of the art LED signages.

In addition to all the above-mention upgradations, soon a new 6 metre wide skywalk is going to be constructed, which will directly connect the station’s foot-over-bridge (FOB) with Delhi Metro’s Airport line metro station as well as with Yellow line metro station. It will also provide direct connectivity to the bus stop and taxi stand. The upcoming skywalk aims to facilitate the seamless movement of passengers to and from the railway station.