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Delhi opens arms for all on Eid

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Delhi opens arms for all on Eid

It was the much-awaited festival of Eid for the Muslims on Monday, but those away from their home in the Kashmir Valley, residing in the Capital had a different experience this Eid al-Adha.

Due to communication blackout and confusion in the Valley, Kashmiris away from home have not been able to contact their families.

A group of students from Kashmir organised a public gathering at Jantar Mantar on Monday to celebrate the festival, where all the people away from home shared food, strength and a sense of community.

The crowd not only included Muslims from Kashmir but also people from all regions and communities. Even nearby places provided delicious food and people present supported each other to feel like home.

Mehak Sodi, a young Kashmiri Sikh from Baramullah, told India Today TV, "I miss home, my family, I miss how we spend Eid back home with love and warmth, but here this crowd makes me feel like I'm safe and being loved."