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Delhi Metro ridership falls significantly due to fare hike! Even Magenta Line and Pink Line don’t help

Devanjana Nag
delhi metro

Average daily ridership of Delhi Metro falls significantly! Following the fare hike in 2017, the average daily ridership of Delhi Metro fell by over 3 lakh, according to data obtained by IE through an RTI (Right to Information) application. The ridership falls short of DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation)’s actual ridership projections despite the launch of new corridors after the fare hike. In the month of May 2017, when fare hike took place after eight years, Delhi Metro’s five operational corridors were carrying 26.50 lakh passengers daily. Around two years later, with a second round of fare hike in the month of October 2017, the same corridors saw a daily average ridership of a little over 23 lakh in the first two months of 2019.

During the intervening period, eight new sections were launched, including the 58-km long Delhi Metro Pink Line and 38-km long Magenta Line, taking the total network length to 373 km with 271 stations in total. The Delhi Metro corridors that were operational before the fare hike are the Yellow, Blue, Violet, Green, Red lines. As per DMRC records, since May 2017, the month-wise daily average ridership on the five aforementioned Delhi Metro lines touched 26 lakh only three times – in the months of July, August and September 2017. In fact, when the second phase of the fare hike kicked in October 2017, the daily average ridership did not touch 24 lakh even once. In the year 2018, the highest daily average ridership was witnessed in the month of August, when an average of 23.91 lakh people took Delhi Metro daily.

In 2019-19, the daily average ridership on these lines was 22.85 lakh. The figure is a drop from the year 2015-16 when a daily average ridership of 25.90 lakh was registered by Delhi Metro. In 2016-17, the ridership figure was 27.61 lakh and in 2017-18, the ridership figure is 25.38 lakh. This year, in January and February, 23.16 lakh and 23.35 lakh people rode the old corridors respectively. Considering Pink Line and Magenta Line, the total daily average ridership stands at a little more than 26 lakh. However, the DMRC had projected that after the launch of the Phase 3 corridors, the metro ridership would touch 40 lakh. This year, in January and February, the Pink Line and Magenta Line were respectively taken by 3.36 lakh and 3.66 lakh people daily, the report stated.