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New jobs: How a degree in political leadership can help you in several new fields

by Shailashree Haridas

To become a robust and structurally sound global economic superpower, India needs progressive, proactive, proficient and knowledgeable leaders who can handle the hurdles that arise in politics and, by extension, economics and global affairs.

The political environment that surrounds us today requires knowledgeable and skilful people, particularly in fundamental areas such as political processes, political systems, foreign policy, political economy, public policy, Constitution, a five-tier structure of the government, constituency development and election management, among others.

A course in a field such as political leadership and government can come into play to answer this need. With more than 600 million people in India under the age of 25, a course in political leadership and government can channelise the strengths of young aspirants and enable them to be better and more competent political leaders. Such programmes can also help individuals better comprehend how governments operate and interact, the influence government policies have on economic stability and growth, and how laws affect the social and political environment of a country. Finally, they can also learn how politics affects every part of a citizen s life right from education and employment to healthcare and housing.

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Many people are unaware about the jobs after completing a degree in politics in India. Hence, those who are interested in working with leading political leaders, social leaders and other government bodies like functional advisors, strategist, and policymakers, or as back-office executives in political parties, etc, can highly benefit from such a course.

In fact, such a course can also help students gain the right professional approach to pursue a career in the political and governmental sector. Students can broaden their horizons of performance benchmarks to match the best political policies practised globally. Furthermore, such a course can also help students gain an in-depth understanding of the hierarchy followed at the different levels of government, right from panchayats to the highest national offices.
As far as careers are concerned, these include research associates in politics, political analysts, policy associates, political strategists, political consultants, election managers, election research & campaign managers, social media analysts, constituency managers, associate assistants in parliamentary affairs and so on.

Professionals who have successfully completed a degree in politics are also usually hired by a variety of commercial businesses along with other employers like the United Nations (UN), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), campaigning bodies, and voluntary organisations and the public sector in general.
A degree in political leadership and government, therefore, can not only ensure that you enjoy a prosperous career but can also give you an opportunity chance to affect people s lives directly and indirectly.

The author is an associate director, MIT World Peace University (MIT-SOG), Pune. Views are personal