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This DC Modified Mahindra Marazzo Can Make a Luxury Private Jet Shy

DC Design, one of the most popular automotive design houses of India might have questioned our primitive notion of more money, more luxury with a new iteration. At its launch, the Mahindra Marazzo turned heads for being a new-age MPV that won’t shoo away the youth. However, what startled us, even more, was a heavily modified Marazzo that stood beside the regular one at the launch.

Working on the same lines, DC Design has created a luxurious version of the Marazzo, that its CEO Dilip Chhabria, claims can take on the luxe of an Audi. In a short video, Dilip Chhabria explains the underlying purpose of the modifications. The new Marazzo is aimed at corporate executives who commute daily through traffic. At the same time, the prominent luxury and comfort also check the boxes of an ideal car for long trips.

Each of the passenger gets a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. (Image: Mahindra)

Each of the passenger gets a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. (Image: Mahindra)

The car comes with electronically adjustable leather lounge seats along with foldable neck rests for the second row. There is also a 7-litre refrigerator integrated into the interiors. On the tech front, the rear passengers get two large capacitive touchscreens that feature Android TV, iPad housing. The interiors are highlighted with ample ambient lighting. The rear passengers also get individual 12V socket that can be used to charge phones and other devices.

Despite being spoiled with luxury, the second row does not push off the third one. The DC Design Marazzo continues to have a third-row that have been covered in leather. While the price for the luxury Marazzo has not been unveiled by Mahindra or DC Design, a car with such features could be placed at a premium of a couple of lakh over the standard one.