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Custom Keto Diet Review: Rachel Roberts’ Fitness Plan Investigated

·6-min read
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clout news image

Custom Keto Diet is newly introduced by a fitness expert Rachel Roberts, offering a customized keto diet plan based on a person’s goals, fitness, taste buds, and body type. This diet plan is not like the ordinary hundreds and thousands of recommended plans hovering in the market that do nothing as promised; Custom Keto Diet is using a whole different approach to help people attain a desired summer body. This Custom Keto Diet Review intends to reveal everything one needs to know about the plan.

The Custom Keto Diet works by targeting the weak areas and prepares body to be in a working mode. The key to using this diet plan is to be consistent. The Custom Keto Diet is not for you if you cannot be consistent and are not determined towards your goal. Stay consistent and leave the rest on the Custom Keto Diet plan.


Product Description – Custom Keto Diet by Rachel Roberts

The Custom Keto Diet sets its base on a keto diet, a scientifically proven method to lose weight effectively in a span of total 8 weeks.

This incredible 8-week plan can be of great use for any gender, age, or body type. Rachel Roberts’ diet plan sets the body on a long-term fat loss goal.

The diet plan is set by experienced trainers, chefs, and nutritionists. You even get a downloadable grocery list to save time and make your dream figure come true. What is more? You will get instant access to the plan right after you follow the steps discussed below.

Why Choose the Custom Keto Diet?

The Custom Keto Diet does not make fake promises and aims to help you at every step. They welcome their customers to contact them at any query at any time.

After you fill the questionnaire, you will be moreover able to check the summary of what your body needs. It lists down the recommended calories, BMI, water intake, activity level, and the approximate weight you will be able to achieve after 30 days of use of the Custom Keto Diet. It even shares the amount of fat, protein, and carbs you should take every day.


You will be able to customize your diet plan according to your needs. There is now no need to worry about investing in nutritional and weight loss supplements. The 60-day plan makes things easy and serves you in its best way.

The Custom Keto Diet also shares the trending keto diet and portion sizes that are best for your body and health. With step-by-step instructions, the recipes in the diet plan are simple and easy to handle. What features make it further unique? To find out more, have a look below at the next heading.

Some Unique Features of the Custom Keto Diet

Some of the unique features that set the Custom Keto Diet apart from other diet plans on the market are:

1. Edit and Customize According to Your Needs

Customize Keto Diet uses sophisticated and friendly algorithms to prepare your 8-weeks plan. If you want to edit the plan on your side, the algorithm will again make a quick calculation to set your plan at its best level.

2. Fast Food Eateries

Custom Keto Diet is extremely user friendly and thinks of its utmost duty to care about the satisfaction of their customers. Therefore, they completely understand that there may be situations where you would like to eat outside. It is the only keto diet plan, which allows you to eat only the KETO-FRIENDLY FOOD from your favorite restaurants like Mcdonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Subway, In & Out Burger, and many more.

3. Intermittent Fasting

If you are not in a mood to eat anything and want to skip a meal, no issue. The Custom Keto Diet adjusts itself so that you can easily plan out your eating rather than being pressurized to eat.

Steps to Buy a Successful 8-Week Plan

To buy a Custom Keto Diet plan you need to click the link here and follow the steps below. You will have immediate access after the confirmation of your order. Start now.


Step #1

Step one asks you to fill out the basic information to get a better of your situation and needs. Try to be honest; otherwise, this product is totally a failure for you. It asks about your gender, your daily activity, preferred meat. Make sure you type the email address correctly, as you will only receive your 8- week plan over there.

Step #2

As soon as the questionnaire is filled, an immediate diet plan is offered to you. To complete the process, at last, enter your card details.

Step #3

Rise and shine. The final step is to put the plan into action. Follow your Custom Keto Diet plan and wait for the magic to occur.

What are the Options Offered in the Custom Keto Diet?

The Custom Keto Diet is an 8-week plan, which rather than being harsh on your body prefers your body flexibility. It makes sure to give you a satisfying experience by not crossing the extent of load your body can bear in 8-weeks. Even vegetarians and the allergic can use the Custom Keto Diet. Ready to make a change? Great! This is how the Custom Keto Diet works.

Option #1 – Activity Section

The daily activity section asks your intensity of daily work by giving you several options, which include being a couch potato, somewhat active, average activity, very active, and extremely active.

Option #2 – Food Section

It further questions the type of meat you would like to include in your diet plan. The options given are chicken, fish, pork, beef, no meat, and bacon.

The veggie section includes broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, zucchini, asparagus, and mushrooms. It is important to select at least one veggie to make your Custom Keto Diet work.

It also offers other healthy foods you would like to have in your diet like coconut, eggs, cheese, butter, nuts, and cottage cheese.


Is the Custom Keto Diet Pocket Friendly?

The Custom Keto Diet, besides being effective and unique, is affordable too. The $97 diet plan on the current discount is being sold out at $37 only. The product is backed up with 3750 customer reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

Yes! You heard it right that you do not have to pay any extra for the subscriptions. The program is a one-time payment only. Set your life and achieve optimal weight with lifetime access by the Custom Keto Diet. In case, at any time you feel unsatisfied with the product, you can shoot them an email and get all your money back.

Final Thoughts on the Custom Keto Diet

Investing in the Custom Keto Diet for a perfect figure is a smart choice to make at times like this when you can’t go out to gym.

It is now easier than ever before to beat the transformation challenge with the Custom Keto Diet. The Custom Keto Diet is a great opportunity to put your goals into action. It gives you a grocery list, ready to make plans, clear step-by-step instructions, a wide range of foods to choose from, and whatnot. You can safely purchase Custom Keto Diet from its official website here.

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