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Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems implemented in UP, says DGP

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Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems implemented in UP, says DGP

CCTNS provides enhanced tools for investigation to the police and gives citizens multiple channels to access services from the police.

OP Singh, DGP Uttar Pradesh, has implemented a system by linking Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems's (CCTNS) E-PEC and E-CAP apps.

Singh implemented the linking of the apps on Saturday (February 9).

The authorities can now get complete information about the crimes recorded in any police station in the country and all the information of the criminal related to the prosecution, prison and court can be obtained.

OP Singh told India Today that Uttar Pradesh has become the first state in the country where an app has been linked to Crime and Criminal Taking Network and System under Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS). CCTNS have become functional in all the police stations of Uttar Pradesh. All the information related to criminal and crime will be upheld. This information can be obtained from anywhere.

He said, the police station itself is getting all the information related to the prosecution, the legal opinion, the blame-proof, the defective report, etc after the implementation of the system.

Social Activist Yogesh Malhotra told India Today that this is very useful for literate community but not so much for the poor or illiterate people. Malhotra said that it could be beneficial to college students.

"Recently we got to know that a girls's mobile was stolen from a bus, so any women can easily file a complaint from this application. All the police stations' staff should learn about this app so that they can easily manage any complaint coming through this app," Malhotra added.

Vishal Sharma, vice chairmen, Hindustani Biradri, said that this system will not only benefit the people of Uttar Pradesh but also the people of the whole country.

"Now, the general public will not have to report to the police stations if a crime has taken place," Sharma said.

While congratulating Uttar Pradesh's DGP, Sharma said, "This system can also help other states of the country. If this system is implemented all over the country then the culprit can be anywhere, he will not be able to escape from the police, and the full criminal record of the offender will be presented in court with simplicity."