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Credit Card Reward Points: Before you swipe your card, know these 5 tricks to maximise your gains

Priyadarshini Maji
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Credit cards with reward points help you to earn points and miles for every bit you spend. There is one thing that is certain with these cards — the more you spend, the more points you rack up, and the more freebies you’ll get. That is why shopping through a credit card is important, if you own one. They let you earn more points or miles depending on the card you own, for every rupee you spend. Most credit cards offer reward points on your spends, others also let you earn miles within their specific credit card rewards programs.

Find out how to earn more rewards using a credit card:

1. Double dip by availing multiple offers: You can sometimes grab on multiple benefits that are offered on one transaction. Keep in mind while availing rewards with your credit card, that you also catch on some discounts or additional cashbacks so that you get the double benefit from one transaction. For instance, while making a purchase, you might see apart from rewards on the use of your card, additional cashbacks also being offered. However, at times depending on some brands and their tie-ups, both the offers cannot be availed, and you have to choose between either of the two offers.

2. Spend first: You need to spend first to gather reward points. Even after you have collected your reward points, you might have to spend a larger amount to avail them. Though this varies across companies and platforms, firstly you have to spend a certain amount to be able to use your reward points. Experts suggest that people should be aware that they don t end up spending in excess just to bag such incentives.

3. Use the right card: If you want to score more points and miles over time, focus on using the right type of credit cards. For example, look for cards that offer on categories that correspond with your purchases. If you have a cash back credit card that offers 5 per cent back on grocery purchases, it would make sense to use that credit card if you are planning to make a purchase from a grocery store or online grocery platform.

Similarly, if you have a credit card that offers more points for travel purchases, use that credit card while making travel bookings. Experts suggest one should always assess one’s selection of credit cards to find the one that gives them the most points and miles for their purchase.

4. Look for promotions: Note that from time to time, credit card providers offer specific promotions. Various credit cards roll out promotions that lets you earn additional miles and points if you meet a minimum spending requirement through their cards. While these deals can vary, you can punch in these promotion deals along with the reward points the cards offer, and additional cashbacks.

5. Compare earnings: Before you click on a deal through a shopping portal, compare it with other websites before finalizing, especially on travel portals. While one might be offering one additional point for each rupee you spend, another might offer you a free ticket on spending a certain amount using their card in a year. Experts suggest going through all the portals that work with rewards programs to get the best deal. Spare a few minutes to compare earnings through your cards before you shop.