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Corey Strong, Presenting the Benefits and Challenges of Using Cryptocurrency via Social Media Networks and Messaging Applications


Hello Corey, before we get to the heart of the subject, We’d like to know a little bit more about you and how you started in the world of blockchain?

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"Before I had even heard of cryptocurrency or blockchain I was trading foreign exchange and stocks from a young age, maybe 18-19.

Once I'd noticed the FOREX sites I was using starting to add BTC for leverage trading in 2013 I decided to do some research into blockchain and eventually bought my first BTC from LocalBitcoins as well as Litecoin and Peercoin from alternative exchanges.

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Ever since then my life has pretty much revolved around blockchain in one way or the other"

So it was after years of research on Blockchain and your desire to integrate the social aspect to blockchain tech, that in 2018 you decided to found the project 'Rapids Network'?

"Yes the Rapids Network is an online peer to peer digital currency with extremely cost-efficient and instant transactions. We have positioned ourselves at the centre of up and coming social media fintech with the ability to send RPD cross- platform over numerous social media and messenger platforms"

What do you consider as the Network's biggest achievement personally?

"In my opinion seeing people tip streamers RPD live on streaming platforms was a big step for us, It proves we are adapting to mainstream users.

Who wants to accept tips then have to wait for a monthly payout to receive payment? RPD gives streamers access to funds instantly as well as the option to send funds cross-platform to top social media networks"

In your two previous answers, you have provided essential information that is representative of Rapids Network: 'extremely cost-efficient transactions' and 'access to funds instantly', but I think you have also faced many challenges, one of which being that there's thousands of other different cryptocurrencies. How do you see the integration of RPD in our society, and what are the benefits to its users?

"The biggest challenge for Rapids and for most networks is mainstream consumer adoption, we have to keep working and pushing the boundaries.

Every new integration, exchange or store accepting RPD will bring us closer and closer to our ultimate goal.

Holding, Spending, and Sharing RPD hosts a catalogue of benefits, including the previously mentioned instant transactions, Staking and Masternode rewards, the ability to transact directly on social media and e-commerce websites as well as the option to Tip streamers on Twitch with new platforms planned for release this coming quarter."

We've noticed that not only can Rapids count on their blockchain partners, the network can also count on partners who are not necessarily involved in the blockchain, how do these partnerships bring additional support and growth to the development of Rapids Network?

"I would without a doubt have to mention SWFT first of all, our partnership and the tech they have provided have been extremely beneficial to the growth of Rapids, allowing us to send RPD via URL links to basically anywhere, as well as atomic swaps and a whole load of other amazing features.

Our Partnerships with the likes of Burnley Football Clubs, BOA, Advanced.GG and other none blockchain related companies have brought new faces from sports and gaming from all over the world who wouldn't have necessarily been involved in Crypto to the Network."

Thank you Corey for this information. We have also noticed that Rapids Network is very active on social media and surprisingly, you have set up an ambassador program, which has developed a way to make the Network much more discoverable and present in several different languages,with the support of passionate people around the world..

I still have one last question, what are Rapids Network's objectives for the next 5 years?

“Yes, our Ambassador program is also an important point for Rapids Network, It helps us keep in touch with and keep people who we wouldn't be able to converse with updated on updates and situations within the network.

Our main objective is to make the Rapids Network a household name.

We want to see it used everyday and every way possible without users having the 'Buy Crypto and not spend or use mentality'. We want people to accept and spend RPD as well as integrating our software where possible."

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, we wish you all the best in the years to come.

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