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Are connected cars in India safe?

Connected cars in India will be featuring several functions that can be controlled with a single app.

Just like the mobile phone, which is no longer just a device to talk, the car is also no longer just a means of transportation from point A to point B. You use your smartphone for everything and, similarly, the modern-day car is getting more and more intelligent. This does raise a few concerns, but let us look at the positives, first.

New cars such as the MG Hector and Hyundai Venue offer a range of connectivity options which go beyond a simple Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay facility. Both have an embedded e-SIM that enables the car to give you real-time data via various features such as vehicle location, speed, efficiency, tyre pressure and also opens up a new frontier for car safety.

You can use your smartphone to access the various functions of the car and the car will also let you know if someone is stealing it or even lock the top speed or dial an emergency, It can also call your relatives in case of an accident or mishap. The MG Hector goes one step further and is 5G-ready, plus just like a smartphone, you can download updates to the software online.

As connected cars continue to become smarter, protecting drivers’ personal information might become more difficult as vehicles are able to absorb more information than ever before.

Great, but there are always two sides to the coin. Connectivity also presents new concerns regarding safety and privacy. Hacking a car is possible thanks to myriad connectivity features. Your smartphone has Internet and can be hacked, so can your smart car be hacked too.

The bigger issue is data privacy: car makers and third-party sources are likely to have access to everything. They will know where you are going every day and your usage pattern. Thus car makers must also look at security and ensure data is kept safe and secure from cyber attacks.

Consumers must also be aware enough to not reveal their data haphazardly. While it is great that cars are safer and new technology is filtering into everyday cars in India, some regulations and measures — both from manufacturers and the government — should be in place to safeguard data and protect your car.