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Common man suffers but netas, cops brazenly violate traffic rules in Lucknow

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Common man suffers but netas, cops brazenly violate traffic rules in Lucknow

The common man is feeling the pinch of stricter traffic rules and hefty fines under the new Motor Vehicles Amendment Act but netas and cops continue to violate traffic rules in Uttar Pradesh without the fear of getting fined.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Bakshi Ka Talab constituency in Lucknow, Avinash Trivedi and his driver, were spotted outside the state party headquarters without wearing their car seat belts. On being asked about the violation, the BJP lawmaker said 'theek hai' and drove away without any regrets of violating the traffic rule.

Others with BJP flags on their cars who claimed to be party leaders were also caught on camera without seat belts outside Vidhan Sabha in the presence of traffic police. They first tried to give excuses for seat belt violation but later promised to abide by traffic rules in the future.

Even cops who were driving vehicles part of the ministers' convoys were not wearing seat belts. On being confronted, they hastily fastened their seat belts and a few ran away after getting caught on camera.

A traffic cop, who was on duty outside Lok Bhawan where the state government cabinet meeting was held on Tuesday, did not take any action against these violators despite UP director general of police (DGP) OP Singh ordering double penalty for cops violating traffic rules in the state.

Speaking to India Today, UP cabinet minister and state government spokesperson Srikant Sharma said, "The new traffic rules are for safety and security of people. It is wrong if politicians and cops are violating the traffic rules. Law is equal for everyone and it should be followed."