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Christian Konopatzki – The CEO of CTARS INC who is shining bright in the business of affiliate marketing

Brand Voice
·2-min read

Some young minds have that natural flair to achieve the unachievable and one such Person, who at the age of 23 had accomplished the heights of success is Christian Konopatzki.

German-born and bred Christian Konopatzki has made a mark as a successful entrepreneur in Dubai, UAE. Since his early days, he had programmed his mind to lead his own company rather than work for someone else. He had that confidence in himself that one day he will make it big in the world of business and he did accomplish and fulfil his dream going ahead. His passion to start something on his own made him establish his foremost venture by the name of CTARS INC. The company is into the business of affiliate marketing and holds good standing in Dubai’s business circles.

Konopatzki says “To succeed in any sphere of life, you have to be focussed and disciplined, no matter what comes in your way, you have to chase your dreams and one day you are surely going to achieve your goals”. Backed by his immense passion and sheer dedication, he has reached a point of success which is hard for many to accomplish. Having a sports background gave him that extra edge which was needed to push him to his limits. Having played ice hockey for the German National Team, he always had these qualities which have helped him tide through rough weather and reach for his targets which he had laid as a young kid.

He started his company in Dubai from scratch and today he is a successful CEO of his own affiliate marketing company CTARS INC which has many business houses and entrepreneurs from around the globe under its wings helping them with its services. When asked what has driven him to chase his dreams and achieve success at such a young age he says “I owe it all to my hard work also credit my success to my parents who have raised me and to God the almighty, my dream was to stay in the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and I can proudly say that I have lived my dream by achieving this goal of mine too”. Standing amongst the who’s who of the business world in Dubai, Christian Konopatzki’s CTARS INC stands tall with its solid foundation just like Burj Khalifa and that’s a major inspiration for all those young souls wanting to make it big on their own.

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