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China Restricts Minors To Play Online Game During Night Hours To Avoid Gaming Addiction

Karan Sharma

Cases of online gaming addiction are increasing at an alarming rate and there have been a lot of incidents of game addicts. To tackle this situation, China has come up with a new solution which might be beneficial for minors and keep them away from online gaming addiction.

China has forced a time limit for children to play online games. Here are the details about the new rule:

According to the report, minors under 18-years of age are not allowed to play online games between 10 PM to 8 AM. Even during the daytime, they will be entitled to play 90 minutes only at a time.
Meanwhile, the new rule also comes with new requirements. Now all the gamers have to register with their real name instead of some fancy gamers name.

Moreover, all the gamers also have to sign-up with their WeChat account, phone number or ID number.

After the announcement of the new rule, the government has also approached games producers to change the content, functions or rules according to the new regulation. This is expected to avoid the cause of online addiction in children.

The Chinese market is indeed the world's biggest market for games, but the government is being strict to the industry to avoid health issues and online addiction in children. The new regulation also set a limitation on spending money on online games.

According to the new rule gamers, age from eight to 16 can spend Yuan 200 (approximately $29 or Rs. 2,030) per month. People between 16 to 18 years-of-age can send Yuan 400 on their official gaming accounts.

"This statement just means that teenagers can't play the games, because, for most teenagers in China, they need to go to school from 6.30 am and end at 10 pm," one user complained on Weibo.

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