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How to check if Facebook uploaded your phone contacts without permission

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Facebook recently admitted to having “unintentionally” imported the email contacts from 1.5 million people without their permission since May 2016. This means that if your friend having your email ID in his contact list signed up for a new account, Facebook may have synced your email address for its ad targeting and friend recommendation services.

Although the social network giant no longer needs your password to sign up for an account, this is the latest episode to shake confidence in Facebook’s ability to protect its roughly 2.3 billion users.

So, if any user has started a new account since the year 2016, there s a possibility that Facebook has imported their email address.

But there s a way to check if your email address was uploaded by the social network, and you can also delete your contact list from the cache of Facebook.

Here s how to delete your imported contacts from Facebook:

One way to check if your contacts were imported is to go to your Uploaded Contacts.

Step 1: Login into Facebook on your Android or iPhone and select the three lines and tap on Settings from Settings & Privacy option. In case, you are working on a desktop, choose the down arrow and select Settings.

Step 2: Visit Your Facebook Information section and select Access Your Information.

Step 3: Scroll down the page to the Information About You section and select About You and choose Your Address Books.

The user will be directed to a page which reads Manage Your Invites and Uploaded Contacts. This page shows users all of their contacts which have been imported by Facebook. In case, the user does not see a list of contacts, then their Facebook account has not been affected and therefore no reason to continue to the next steps.

Step 4: In case there is a list, select “Delete All”. While this will delete all of the imported contacts from your email account, you will have to follow the next steps to keep them from importing again.

How to stop Facebook from uploading your friends’ email addresses:

To stop these contacts from being imported again by Facebook, follow these next steps on every device you have logged in to Facebook.

Step 1: Select the three lines at the top of the app and choose Settings & Privacy. Click Settings.

Step 2: Move down to the Media and Contacts section. Select Upload Contacts.

Step 3: Swipe it to the left in order to disable contacts from automatically being uploaded. Make sure that you have followed the same procedure on every device you have logged into Facebook.

And If you use the Facebook Messenger app, follow these steps

Select your profile picture on the top left corner. Select People and then choose Upload Contacts in order to turn the setting off. Follow the same steps for all devices which have your Messenger logged into.

It is to be noted that when users turn off the contact uploading option on Facebook, all of their contacts they have uploaded to Messenger will be deleted.