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How To Check Bank Balance Without Internet On Phone


Banking facilities such as checking account balance, generating mini statements and fund transfers can all be done via a mobile handset without an internet connection. Read on to know how.

How To Check Bank Balance Without Internet On Phone

Despite India being in the midst of a mobile and internet revolution not all have a smartphone in India and not all have internet facilities on their mobile phone. In either of the cases, basic banking activities can still be carried out through a mobile phone. Banking facilities such as checking account balance, generating mini statements and fund transfers can all be done via mobile handset without internet connection.

There are two ways of checking bank balances on your phone without internet – first is by using the Missed Call facility and another is dialling *99# from your handset.

1) Missed Call Facility

With the new rule imposed by banks, ATM usage has become chargeable after a specific number of withdrawals. However, if you know of missed call facility to check your bank balance, then the new rule shouldn’t bother you anymore. But the following features need to be activated before you avail of this service which is absolutely free.

  • Your mobile number should be registered with your bank
  • Through this service, your account balance and the previous 5 transactions can be viewed
  • Every bank has its own Missed Call Banking number, hence you must procure the right number from your bank.
  • Any call to this number from your registered mobile will automatically get disconnected after a few rings. And in no time you get messages with information on your account balance and the last 5 transactions.
  • In case your mobile number is not registered, you will receive the message “Your mobile number is not registered for this service”
  • If you possess different type of accounts like a Savings Account, a current account, or an overdraft account, then the default account gets selected in the following priority. 1) Savings Account (SB), 2) Current Account (CA), 3) Overdraft (OD), 4) Cash Credit (CC), 5) Other Accounts
  • Please note that in the case of you having more than one account of similar nature (savings/current etc) the latest opened account will be automatically set as the default one

2) *99# Facility

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) launched this unique service for GSM mobile subscribers across India that allows a customer to check their bank balance easily on any mobile without any internet connection by just dialling *99# USSD code. This hassle-free service has the following features:

  • Works perfectly well without any internet connection
  • The common code of *99# is applicable across all telecom operators
  • No additional roaming charges are charged for using this service
  • Facility can be availed 24/7 including holidays
  • No need of installing any App on your handset
  • The service is also available in 12 Indian regional languages

Both financial, as well as non-financial services, can be availed under *99# facility.

(a) Non Financial services: This includes services such as balance enquiry, mini statement, generating OTP for different transactions as a second factor of authentication. It can also be used to generate Mobile PIN or MPIN for authentication of the financial transaction. Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) can also be generated through this facility.

(b) Financial services: One can avail financial services like sending money using MMID or IFSC or Aadhaar to beneficiaries through *99# facility.

Steps for checking bank balance without internet through *99#

  • From your mobile phone dial *99#
  • A welcome screen would appear next asking you to enter your bank’s 3 letters short name or first 4 letters of IFSC.
  • Once IFS Code or short name is entered, the menu will appear with different options of available services enabled for your bank.
  • For balance enquiry, enter option 1
  • A confirmation screen appears next displaying the available balance in your account

Almost all the telecom service provider supports *99# facility. For availing this facility in various regional languages, requisite code needs to be dialled – for example *99#22# (for Hindi), *99#23# (for Tamil), *99#24# (for Telugu), *99#25# (for Malayalam) etc.

Make sure to register your mobile number with the bank before availing this facility. Also, before initiating this facility be sure about your mobile phone is in a network area or range.

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