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Chandrayaan 2: ISRO’s spacecraft set to enter lunar trajectory next week; completes final orbit-raising manoeuvre

Ribhu Mishra
Chandrayaan 2, Chandrayaan 2 Landing

Chandrayaan 2 Update: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Tuesday informed that the fifth Earth-bound orbit-raising manoeuvre has been successfully performed. With this critical step, the Moon-bound spacecraft of ISRO moved a step closer in its bid to explore the totally uncharted territory of the Moon in order to further investigate the finding of its first Moon mission. Chandrayaan 1 findings suggested the presence of water in the South Polar region of the Moon. The Chandrayaan 2 mission is a rover-based mission, which is set to make a soft-landing in the South Polar region of the Moon to take further ISRO's earlier findings. India will be the first country to land in a region far from the equator of the Moon and might create history with this achievement.

ISRO launched Chandrayaan 2 on July 22 after a delay of one week due to a technical issue, on-board the largest space vehicle of India the GSLV Mk III M-1. ISRO since then has already performed four earth-bound orbit raising manoeuvres over the last 2 weeks and now after the fifth manoeuvres have placed its Moon-bound satellite on a path leading to the Lunar Transfer Trajectory.

ISRO informed that “The fifth earth-bound orbit-raising manoeuvre for Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft has been performed successfully on Tuesday, August 6, 2019, at 1504 hours IST as planned and scheduled. To perform this critical manoeuvre, the onboard propulsion system was used for a firing duration of of1041 seconds. Chandrayaan achieved 276 x 142975 km earth-orbit. All spacecraft parameters are normal.”

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The agency in a tweet said that “Fifth earth-bound orbit-raising manoeuvre for Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft has been performed on Tuesday (August 6, 2019) at 1504 hrs (IST) as planned.”

Notably, ISRO is set to perform the next manoeuvre, which will be the ‘Trans-Lunar Insertion’ (TLI), scheduled to be performed on August 14, 2019, between 0300 – 0400 hours IST.

Chandrayaan 2, after its placement in the lunar orbit, will detach its landing module Vikram, which will then make a soft landing on the Moon on September 7 after a series of critical breaking.