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Chakothi in PoK turns from trade route to risky town

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Chakothi in PoK turns from trade route to risky town

Chakothi, a town only 500 metres away from the Indian border, held key importance for the local residents and traders of Kashmir. It was not only a route for at least 30 trade trucks that carried trade material back and forth from India, but also the primary route for the Muzaffarabad-Srinagar bus service.

Chakothi is the main and the last check-post on the Pakistan side, where immigration and customs procedures are done.

However, with Pakistan suspending bilateral trade with India in the aftermath of the Indian government scrapping Article 370 and 35 A, many trucks are stranded at the Chakothi check-post, turning the trade route into a highly sensitive town, vulnerable to any aggression.

India Today TV witnessed a complete shutdown in the main market of Chakothi, while trade trucks were seen standing stranded in the customs clearance area.

Heavy patrolling of the Pakistan Army was visible in the area. Local residents of the area said that the area has become severely sensitive after the suspension of all relations between India and Pakistan.

"The Indian check-post is on the mountain only 500 metres away from here. If they fire a gunshot, it can hit anyone living in the area. That's why this area has become sensitive," said a resident of Chakothi.