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ChainX the Best Crypto Exchange in the Korea, Signs an MOU with RiveX

Brand Voice
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ChainX, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the Korean crypto trading market, has also supported the success of several projects in the global market. ChainX has been providing excellent crypto trading services to the global crypto traders. Going global may be the next best thing in the crypto world, providing a haven for crypto traders.

Recently, ChainX signed an MOU with RIVEX. In addition to providing crypto exchange services to the Korean market, ChainX plans to target and penetrate the global cryptocurrency market. RIVEX is a fantastic project with great features showing several good indicators, such as receiving the highest rating from a security audit organization called Knownsec. Knownsec is a cybersecurity company that specializes in the assessment of security. Therefore, being ranked among the most secure platforms by the company is a big deal.

ChainX Exchange has been consistently showing tremendous growth in Korea and global market. Also, it specializes in IEO. The IEO services have helped several startups in Korea, hence the fast growth of ChainX. IEO is the most trustworthy, secure and the easiest way to raise funds in the crypto sector.

Besides, ChainX announced that it would introduce the “REBASE” system for the first time on the Korean exchange and supply this system to various outstanding projects. The Rebase system will improve user experience tremendously with features like high wallet encryption. This means even higher security level. Often, the level of security is a huge determinant whether a trader decides to use an exchange or not. ChainX has eliminated that worry.

The two sides (ChainX and RiveX) agreed to share various tangible and intangible resources and technical know-how. Additionally, they are to share their networks. Through this collaboration, it was decided to strive for the development of the global blockchain industry and to establish an efficient market strategy that would make crypto trading effortless.

To this end, ChainX promised specific cooperation, such as mapping the connection to the blockchain between the two sides and strengthening communication and consultation through regular meetings. Both ChainX and RiveX decided that there is still room for future discussions on further collaboration focused on significantly improving the efficiency of the mentioned global blockchain.

Consequently, as the two companies enter the crypto markets of every new country, they agreed to actively cooperate by arranging network meetings and providing the best information and assistance for investment and advice. This is set to make the transition of ChainX from just a Korean exchange to a global exchange smoother as the two companies create more awareness around the RiveX protocol.

This MOU can be the significant cornerstone for expanding the base of the RiveX rebase system. It is expected that this collaboration will create an opportunity for both companies to take the lead in the development of the most efficient global blockchain, especially for decentralized finance, by sharing and coexisting with various technical know-how and technologies through cooperation.

ChainX; the Future of Crypto Trading

ChainX is the only cryptocurrency exchange based in Korea that receives investment and support from NGC.

ChainX has experienced tremendous growth and will continue to grow as it widens its geographic coverage. Offering a wide range of trading pairs, going global is the best move. It will open opportunities for more traders to use the services. It’s also good news for crypto startups globally because of the IEO service.

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