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#CES2019: Top 5 weird gadgets seen on display

Shubham Sharma

#CES2019: Top 5 weird gadgets seen on display

11 Jan 2019: #CES2019: Top 5 weird gadgets seen on display

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted amazing technologies built by internet giants, innovators, and tech enthusiasts.

As always, most of these 'smart' gadgets/appliances were pitched as products capable of simplifying lives.

But, along with the regular stuff, there were also some off-the-beat gadgets that no one expected to see.

Let's take a look at these bizarre, albeit impressive, gadgets.

Tech #1: Qoobo: Pillow for joys of petting

Qoobo is a weird-looking pillow for the joys of petting.

The device comes with cat-like fur and a tail which wiggles if you pet it like a real animal - either by hugging or patting.

So, yes, Qoobo makes a good companion for people who can't own a dog/cat but, at the same time, it also appears creepy with no legs or even face.

Tech #2: Orii: Answer calls without holding phone

Orii is a smart ring designed to answer calls/messages by simply placing a finger on the ear.

It's a bone conducting gadget that transmits audio to your fingertip, helping you take calls and hear voice messages by lifting your finger and placing it on the ear.

This is some real spy-like stuff with no health risk whatsoever.

Tech #3: Smart mini fridge to keep beer at home, always

At times, it can be difficult to keep a track of drinks in the fridge and order more on time.

But, Shiftall, a Tokyo-based company, plans to solve this problem with a unique fridge and app-based solution.

Their smart mini-fridge keeps a track of drinks, analyzes the drinking pace of owner, and then, automatically orders more beer before the stock runs out.

Tech #4: Monit smart diaper sensor

CES 2019 even had something for new-born babies - a diaper.

Yes, as weird as it may sound, Korean start-up Monit showcased a 'smart' diaper that sends alerts by detecting urine or feces.

The detection part works with sensors, while alerts are sent via Bluetooth, but, if you ask us, the whole thing is unnecessary as long as you've got basic human senses.

Tech #5: Hupnos sleep mask

Snoring is annoying, but CES had a solution for that too - the Hupnos sleep mask.

The microfiber mask detects signs of snoring and generates small vibrations to make you roll-over and stop.

If that doesn't work, the mask will close the expiratory valve to increase the exhalation pressure and clear your airway for reduced snoring.