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Cervello Leverages Bright Data’s Data Collector to Drive Insights for Major CPG Customer

·3-min read

Bright Data’s data collection capabilities support Cervello in its quest to give customers a significant competitive edge

Cervello, an elite business analytics and data management consultancy, has partnered with online data collection provider Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks) to transform how it collects online data to give customers insights into their markets to gain competitive advantages. By outsourcing the intensive data collection process to Bright Data, the Cervello team can now focus on its core business of building intelligent, insightful platforms for customers using the company’s proprietary machine learning algorithms.

With the fast-changing nature of the web, especially on e-commerce sites, businesses’ ability to collect data quickly and reliably is crucial. Bright Data’s Data Collector automates this process, allowing Cervello to easily collect up-to-date and relevant data for clients without needing to invest its team’s time.

One long-time Cervello customer in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space has already seen benefits from the company’s switch to Bright Data’s Data Collector. For this business case, Cervello needed to collect a large volume of data about vitamins, minerals, and supplements, for which it leveraged Bright Data. The Data Collector explores thousands of web pages, gathering data on product details from each entire page. This data is parsed and shared with Cervello, who then runs it through its industry-leading machine learning algorithms to discover insights that allow the CPG company to analyse its competitor landscape and incorporate it into pipeline planning. From there, the insights are inserted into the customers’ internal dashboards and are integrated with internal company data, allowing them to gain a fuller picture of the market landscape, helping to shape business strategy.

"We’ve always used online data to help our customers gain real actionable insights into their competitor landscapes, but our partnership with Bright Data has allowed us to take this to the next level," said Chris Boulanger, Vice President & Founder of Cervello. "What used to require custom application development and code enhancement that took up the valuable time of our team has now been automated. Thanks to the Data Collector, and its fast data delivery, we can invest even more time into driving valuable insights for our customers."

Through the partnership, Cervello’s customers benefit from the fast, relevant, and consistent web data collection and streaming process of Bright Data, without seeing any additional costs or maintenance on their end. The Cervello team is able to focus its efforts on providing deeper insights to customers faster, without needing to spend time writing tailored code for collecting data – a process that is often fruitless given the rapidly changing online environment.

"The Data Collector's first and foremost goal is to help our customers save much needed time and resources by automating their web data collection processes," said Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data. "Providing Cervello with the data it needs to help its customers gain valuable competitive insights to generate further growth is the exact use case for which we built the Data Collector. There’s no need for companies to spend endless time manually collecting data, when they can leverage our automated tools and expert team to make the process quick, effective, easy and painless."

To learn more about how you can leverage Cervello’s industry-leading insights derived from online data, visit here.

To learn more about how Bright Data can help organisations give their customers a competitive advantage by using online data, visit here.

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