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CDS Bipin Rawat makes big announcements on new commands! Reveals India’s strategic plans

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Bipin Rawat , CDS, General Rawat

One and a half month after taking over as India’s first CDS, General Rawat has laid out a concrete plan for setting up two to five theatre commands across the country, according to a report by PTI. A separate theatre command is also in the works for the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, PTI quoted Gen Rawat as saying. India is looking at setting up two to five theatre commands with the first command to be rolled out by the year 2022, PTI quoted General Rawat as saying. He further said that a separate theatre command will be set up for Jammu and Kashmir.

A Peninsula theatre command for the Indian Navy is also being chalked out with the integration of Navy’s Eastern and Western Command, the four-star General was quoted as saying by the PTI. The Peninsula theatre command will be operational by the year 2021. He further added that the country will have separate training, doctrinal and logistics command to enhance the security of the country.

Confirming the formation of the tri-services air defence command under the Air Force, Gen Rawat. said that the air command will be rolled out by the beginning of the next year. He further said that all long-range missiles and air defence assets of the three forces will come under the command. Earlier ANI had reported that Rawat was in discussion with Army chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane and the Air Force chief RK Bhadouria to set up the air service command.

Commenting on the acquisition process of the armed forces, Rawat said that he preferred staggered purchase of big-ticket weapons and fighter jets rather than purchasing them in a bulk. Setting the priority of the Indian Navy straight, Gen Rawat said that submarines are the priority of the Indian Navy over aircraft carriers. He also said that the demand of the Indian Navy for the third aircraft carrier will be duly considered after assessing the performance of the indigenously built carrier.