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CCEA approves hike in minimum support prices for 2012-13 Kharif crops

The Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for Kharif crops of 2012-13 season has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA). The CCEA has increased MSPs of groundnut-in-shell, sunflower-seed, sesamum and niger-seed by Rs 1,000, Rs 900, Rs 800 and Rs 600 per quintal over the last year’s MSPs. It has now been fixed at Rs 3,700, Rs 3,700, Rs 4,200 and Rs 3,500 per quintal, respectively.

The support price of soyabean (black) have been increased by Rs 550 per quintal each over the last year’s MSPs and fixed at Rs 2,200 while for soyabean (yellow) has been increased by the same rate and fixed at Rs 2,240 per quintal respectively. Besides, MSP of cotton (medium staple) has been raised from Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,600 per quintal and cotton (long staple) has been raised from Rs 3,300 to Rs 3,900.

Also, the MSP of paddy (common) has been fixed at Rs 1,250 per quintal and of paddy (grade A) at Rs 1,280 per quintal, which is an increase of Rs 170 per quintal over the last year’s support price.

Further, the support price of jowar (hybrid) has been raised by Rs 520 per quintal over the last year’s price and fixed to Rs 1,500 per quintal while for Ragi it has been fixed at Rs 1,500 per quintal an increase by Rs 450 per quintal. The MSP of Bajra and Maize each have been raised by Rs 195 per quintal and fixed at Rs 1,175 per quintal each.  The MSP of Jowar (Maldandi) has also been raised by Rs 520 per quintal  along with Urad from Rs 3,300 per quintal to Rs 4,300 per quintal, an increase of Rs 1,000 per quintal.

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