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CBSE Class 12th Business Studies: Chandigarh student find paper lengthy

Srishti Jaswal
CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Paper analysis: Chandigarh students say that the paper was lengthy but moderately framed.

The exam was not completely out of the NCERT text book however nothing was out of syllabus, said students. The questions in the exams were tricky, in fact, maximum questions were indirect. Even one marker questions had concept based theories. A tricity student Kashish said, I took four sheets to complete the exam, it was so lengthy. However I managed to complete the examination on time. 

CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Paper Analysis : Mixed reaction from students after exam

Examination can be said -- not so tough, not so easy, the paper was moderately framed, said tricity based teacher Poonam Mishra. Students were relieved as there were no misprints in paper.