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Caution: These WhatsApp practices can put you behind bars

WhatsApp Messenger is the largest cross-platform messaging app. It has over 1.5 billion active monthly users who share texts, images, videos and audio messages.

With the end-to-end encryption in play, WhatsApp promises no middlemen can access the messages you have sent or received.

However, some malpractices can land you behind bars since inappropriate behaviour on online platforms is considered as a cyber-crime.

Metadata is collected by WhatsApp to ensure safe and risk-free conduct on the app. GadgetNow reports that the police can get the information on who you are chatting with, for how long and at what time despite the end-to-end encryption.

Here is a list of things which you should avoid on WhatsApp Messenger:

1. Avoid sharing obscene images and videos including porn clips and especially child porn

2. Avoid sharing manipulative images or videos which involves known personalities

3. Entertaining obscene and pornographic content should be avoided

4. Avoid promoting illegal trade or prostitution on WhatsApp

5. Do not catfish - impersonating somebody else

6. Avoid sending messages which may hurt religious sentiments of other users

7. Sexual harassment is a serious offence and should be avoided at all costs

8. Avoid sending fake news which can provoke violence among its users

9. Avoid trading illegal items over the app

10. Sending hidden camera clips and pirated movie videos should be avoided at all costs.