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Car Insurance Tips To Follow This Monsoon Season

Team BankBazaar

Monsoon brings respite from scorching summers, but it also relays a warning to car owners. Auto insurance firms observe a spike in claims for vehicles damaged in the rains. However, not all claims are accepted. This is because a standard auto insurance policy does not provide protection for risks arising out of incessant rains such as engine damage or road assistance cover. Lack of awareness about exclusions results in several claim rejections during the monsoons.

It is useful, therefore, to have comprehensive car insurance that will also cover you against monsoon-related damages. It’s also good to know of and avoid driving habits that can lead to water damage and claim rejections.

In this article, take a quick look at a few tips to secure comprehensive ca protection through insurance.

Buy An Add-on Coverage For Engine Protection

You can easily club your basic car insurance policy with add-ons to get additional insurance benefits for your vehicle. Usually, a standard auto insurance policy doesn’t cover any damage to the engine. Getting an engine protection add-on will help you make claims against damages to the engine. In the monsoon, you may be at risk of water-logging. Engine protection add-ons can be easily availed at affordable rates, and are a must-have for low-rise vehicles.

Opt For A Roadside Assistance And Cover

The chances of your car getting stalled due to waterlogging increase during the monsoons. A roadside assistance add-on cover will provide you towing as well as mechanic service during a sudden car breakdown. Some insurance companies also provide consumable covers that help you claim costs for brake repairs, oiling etc.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Your car depreciates each year due to natural wear and tear as well as damages. So in case of an accident, insurance companies compensate you in a manner proportionate to your car’s depreciated value. This is where zero depreciation cover or a zero dep cover helps. It is an add-on that can help you claim the entire compensation benefits for any part replaced or repaired in case of an accident or damage. However, to get this add-on cover, your car has to be less than five years old.

What You Need To Know About Car Driving In Monsoon

– In case you are in a water-logged area, do not try to start a stalled car as it will damage it’s the engine. You can call your insurance company for towing it to a nearby garage.

– Keep the central locking system of your car unlocked and leave the windows slightly open for your safety. Any kind of electrical failure or water pressure on the car can lock you inside the car resulting in fatal accidents.

– In case the car requires an inspection, opt for an authorised garage instead of a local mechanic. It is also important to note that car companies only pay for factory-fitted parts replacements and not the unauthorised ones.

– Always keep the phone numbers of your insurance provider handy.

In case you live in a rainy or flood-prone area, ensure you have all these add-on covers in place for a stress-free ride during the monsoon. is India’s leading online marketplace for loans, credit cards, and more.