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Car advertisement on radio rose 27%, while digital posted a 45% drop in 2019: TAM AdEx

Vainavi Mahendra
Car advertisement: TAM AdEx

Car advertising on radio rose January-November 2019, while advertising on TV and print declined, according to the data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. Radio recorded a 27% rise in car advertising volume, TV and print saw a decline of 2% and 1%, respectively, when compared to the same period last year. Similarly digital recorded a 45% drop in advertising.

Across the three mediums, TV topped with 54% share of category ad insertions followed by radio and print with 41% and 5% share, respectively. In terms of volume of advertising, radio and print mediums posted a peak in advertising in October and March, respectively. While the peaks for TV and digital were in February and September. Moreover, cars' advertising on digital was least compared to other mediums during April-August but a sudden spike was observed in September.

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Among car brands, Maruti Suzuki was the top advertiser in print at 28% while Mahindra & Mahindra emerged as the top advertiser on TV and digital at 13% and 38%, respectively during the period. Hyundai Motor India, on the other hand, raced past Maruti Suzuki to secure the top position with a 20% share in radio. According to the AdEx India data, top 10 advertisers added over 90% share on radio and print, whereas TV added 82% and digital added 84% share. Maruti Suzuki India emerged as the top advertiser along with Mahindra & Mahindra, and Hyundai Motor India, among others.

Top 10 advertising brands across mediums

On TV, news bulletins were the most preferred program with a 31% share, followed by feature films with 20%. Cars advertising on the radio was highest in Maharashtra with a 19% share, followed by Gujarat with a 14% share. In print, 62% of automotive brands used sales promotion as a medium, followed by brand promotions at 37%. Within sales promotions, more than 76% of the ads released fell under the category, 'multiple promotions' followed by discount promotion with 15%. Meanwhile, programmatic grabbed the highest share at 55% share in terms of ad volume on digital followed by direct at 41%.

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