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If Your Cabinets Are Overrun With Mugs, You Need This $20 Solution

·2-min read
Art Secret under cabinet mug hanger
Art Secret under cabinet mug hanger

If your kitchen cabinets are overrun with mugs, you're not alone. There's just something about those cozy cups that makes them feel collectable and necessary (no matter how many you have already). Unfortunately, the coffee essentials take up a fair amount of space and can make your storage spots seem cluttered and stuffed.

There is a way to easily reorganize your kitchen, though—and no, it doesn't involve getting rid of your favorite cups. It's an under-the-cabinet rack that has hooks designed to keep your mugs in place without taking up any cabinet shelf real estate. With the Art Secret mug hanger, you'll be able to store your kitchenware under your cabinet shelves for optimal space-saving.

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You can place it inside of your cabinets or below them to either shield your items from view, or keep them out in the open for easy access. Shoppers say that in addition to mugs, they use the organizer to hang measuring cups and spoons, as well as cutting boards with slots at the top. The metal hangers can hold up to 10 pounds at once, and the U-shaped hooks prevent any accidents from arising, so you won't have to worry about any of your belongings taking a tumble.

"I have a very small kitchen with only a few cabinets and drawers, so there isn't room for all my utensils, and the spatulas and turners don't really fit in the drawers," explained one reviewer. "On one I have my ladle, spatula, pancake turner, and big spoons, and on the other I have measuring cups and spoons, so it is all within easy reach and out of the way, but [I] don't have to have more drawer or cabinet space."

They're not just helpful in the kitchen, either. You can also use the hooks to organize your masks. Place your face coverings on the hooks to make sure that you don't forget one on your way out the door. And if you've just washed your masks, the hooks can come in handy for hang-drying them, too.

No matter what use you choose, these under-cabinet hooks might just be the secret to saving space and decluttering your kitchen instantly. "These hangers were just the ticket to creating extra storage capacity without having to stack everything," wrote one shopper.

That extra storage space is crucial for most of us, no matter how big our kitchens (or mug collections) are. Shop the space-saving rack below.

To buy: $20;