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Business leaders from Brazilian companies seek Indian partners and investors: IBCC President

Huma Siddiqui
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Coinciding with the visit of the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to India as Republic Day chief guest, a group of businessmen from that country are on a week long visit under the umbrella of India-Brazil Chamber of Commerce (IBCC), led by the chamber’s President Leonardo Ananda, seeking Indian investors as well as partners in various sectors.

The delegation which is travel from New Delhi to Mumbai from Jan 22-28 has representatives from various sectors including textile, agribusiness, mining, legal and food sectors. IBCC’s President Leonardo Ananda interacts with Huma Siddiqui. Following are excerpts.

What is the purpose of this delegation?

Besides the business representatives, the delegation also has Hon. Consul General of India in Minas Gerais, Elson de Barros, and Ms Nathalia Rodrigues, Regional Coordinator, in order to stimulate the interaction between the public and private Indian and Brazilian sectors in several areas. It includes large Brazilian and Indian companies installed in Brazil, coming from the textile, agribusiness, mining, legal and food sectors. The delegates have been visiting large Indian companies, there have been institutional meetings with the Brazilian diplomatic representations here in New Delhi and later in Mumbai.

Also, we have on our agenda attending sectoral events for defence, energy and agriculture, and interacting with the representatives of Indian industries and international trade. This is in addition to several opportunities for interaction between Brazilian and Indian businessmen.

Are the companies looking for investors or setting bases here?

The main goal is developing business. Multi-sectoral Brazilian companies have come to India to attend the official visit of our President Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, as it is a moment of extreme relevance in the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Despite the relevance of this moment, the companies that are composing this delegation seeks mainly to close good deals in India. Therefore, there are companies from different sectors that were prepared by the IBCC to be present for a week, not only fulfilling the official agenda of the Brazilian government, but also attending to specific agendas that reach out the interest of each one of the entrepreneurs.

We want to turn this opportunity into the generation of more business and increasing trade and investment between both nations, strengthening, even more, the bilateral relationship.

What are the delegates seeking in India?

There are two kinds of companies. Some are looking for Indian investments to expand the operations in Brazil, others that are looking to enter the Indian market and even establish a base in India. For both purposes, the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce finds it essential to find local partners. For example, for Brazilian companies that intend to enter the Indian market, finding a good importer or distributor of its product is essential and even if they are looking for investments it is really important to find and connect with the right and reliable partners. The same works for Indian companies that intend to enter the Brazilian market or find investors in Brazil. Given that, our institution acts as a bridge connecting good Indian and Brazilian companies for the further increasing business.

Agriculture is a big thing in Brazil – what are the companies in the delegation hoping to get or share here?

Agriculture is, in fact, one of Brazil’s strengths, being known worldwide as an agribusiness potential and one of the focuses of this delegation, both political and commercial, is to foster relations with India in this segment. Suffice it to say that India has a population of 1.3 billion people, in a territory 2.5x smaller than Brazil. In addition to having a competitive, technological advantage and experience in food production, Brazil has land, abundant water resources and total capacity to meet the demand for any type of food that India needs. That is why, in this delegation, we also count with the presence of the Ministry of Livestock Agriculture and Supply, that is present in this delegation precisely to straight this relationship. In the business delegates, we have some good representatives of agricultural companies, one of which we can mention Ally.

Coffee, which is part of the Monte Santo Tavares group, one of the largest coffee producers in the world, among other companies that also came to India with the objective of selling food that is produced in Brazil.