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Budget 2019: When finance ministers invoked poetry to make budget speech lively

Ashish Pandey
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Union Budget 2019 India: Budget speeches are generally seen to be long and mundane as these are usually higher on numbers and policy initiatives. To keep the interest of listeners intact and make them more engaging, finance ministers, over the years, have tried to invoke poetry and famous couplets. Be it P Chidamabram with classic Tamil poet Thirukural, Manmohan Singh with famous poet Allama Iqbal or lately Arun Jaitley with Urdu shayaris, the finance ministers haven t missed an opportunity to let their inner poet out. Here are some of the famous couplets recited by these three finance ministers during the budget speeches.

Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley in his 2016-17 budget speech invoked a famous Urdu couplet while stressing that even as he inherited a sluggish economy, the government efficiently managed to fix it.

Kashti chalaane walon ne jab haar kar di patwar hamein,

Lehar lehar toofan mile aur mauj mauj manjdhaar hamein.

Phir bhi dikhaya hei hamane aur phir yeh dikha denge sabko,

In halato mein aata hai daria karna paar hame.

In 2017-18, once again, the BJP veteran talked about the government s all-out war against the black money through poetry.

Nayi duniya hai, naya daur hai, nayi hai umang,

Kuch the pahle se tariqe to kuch hain aaj ke rang-dhang.

Roshni aake jo andheron se takdai hai,

Kaale dhan ko bhi badalna pada aaj apna rang.”

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P Chidambaram

Congress veteran in 2013-14 budget speech invoked classic Tamil poet Thirukural to stress upon the point that India can progress further by making the right decisions over the years.

Kalangathu kanda vinaikkan thulangkathu thookkang kadinthu seyal.

Manmohan Singh

In the historic 1991 Budget speech, the former Prime Minister, who was the then finance minister, beautifully captured the positive impact on the economy of the government s economic liberalisation measures, citing famous Urdu poet Allama Iqbal.

Yunaan-o-Misr-o-Rom sab mit gaye jahaan se/ Ab tak magar hai baaki, naam-o-nishaan hamara.