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BSNL will now charge Rs 50 for SIM card replacement for limited period, new cost valid till October 2019

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BSNL will now charge Rs 50 for SIM card replacement for limited period, new cost valid till October 2019

In the last few months, BSNL has been quite aggressive with its offering in the telecom plans as well as the broadband services. With subsidized prices for its prepaid plans, BSNL also moved to launch its 4G services in the state of Andhra Pradesh recently. Most of these offers are introduced in order to keep the services relevant as well as help the company with its financial troubles. And now, in a bid to help its cause further, BSNL has offered another price cut for one of its services.

Last year, BSNL hiked its price for SIM card replacement drastically. BSNL initially charged Rs 10 for a new SIM card but last year, the operator raised the replacement charge up to Rs 100. Now, under a new promotional offer, BSNL has reduced the prices for its SIM card replacement charge by up to 50 per cent. Therefore, if you want a new BSNL SIM card, you will need to only pay Rs 50.

However, this reduced SIM card replacement charge is only valid until October 2019 and after that, the charge will go up to Rs 100. With the reduced price for SIM replacement, it would be wise for existing BSNL subscribers with 3G SIM cards to upgrade to the newly launched 4G services.

BSNL released its 4G service last month in the Andhra Pradesh circle. BSNL went live with its 4G service with an infrastructure of 350 towers in the circle. This was an attempt to position BSNL in the same arena as its rivals from the private sector. Do note that BSNL doesn't mention whether the network supports VoLTE like Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone.

In a bid to draw more customers to its services, BSNL introduced its 151-Abhinandan prepaid recharge plan. This plan initially used to offer 1GB data for a period of 24 days along with unlimited calls. However, to make this plan more competitive, BSNL recently updated the plan and is now offering 1.5GB data for the entire validity period.

BSNL has been in a tough financial situation lately and with efforts like these, it is expected that the operator should be able to reap benefits with plans like these.