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Boredpuma Creates the World of Slapvibe

Brand Voice
·3-min read

Boredpuma enters the creative world of Slapvibe turning a house into his unique and crazy mind.

Founded midst the global pandemic; Boredpuma is a media and artist representative agency based in Dubai and London working with film producers; musicians; artists and designers. Boredpuma was established as a foundation where artists along with specialists around the would work together to collaborate and create diverse artwork for the clients.

As a creative agency; Boredpuma began working during the global pandemic and has not stoped working to build on their clients in order to establish themselves as a reliable and trusted international agency. Boredpuma currently represents a list of artist and brands internationally and since launching, they delivered successful campaigns, adverts and photo shoots for clients such as Splash Middle East; Race Kart Driver Sophia Necchi and Music Producer Slapvibe.

Boredpuma and Slapvibe’s collaboration was an unimaginable project in which incorporated art, film and music. The project is set to captivate the viewer on what the world of Slapvibe looks like. Born in Mumbai, raised in Dubai, Slapvibe is a 20 year old music producer and sound engineer who began his music journey at the age of 14. Six years later the artist has worked to be the forefront of the music industry with his upcoming singles and music video.

The collaboration with Slapvibe was a complex yet creative process. With the young artist releasing new tracks next month; Boredpuma and Slapvibe came together to create a music video for 20 year old music producer. During the music video; Boredpuma was involved in every aspect from film production to makeup artist, Boredpuma came together as an agency to produce Slapvibe’s visions. The makeup artist spent a lot of time perfecting the unique as well as complicated facial art on multiple actors. Slapvibe is a unique artist with many crazy ideas in which Boredpuma as an agency spent weeks planning each step. Alongside planning and producing; Boredpuma worked together as a team making a house into the world of Slapvibe. The Boredpuma and Slapvibe collaboration has been a great success for the company and we will have to wait and see what Slapvibe world looks in the upcoming months.

About Boredpuma

Boredpuma is a creative agency and collective of artists, designers and strategists from around the work. The company helps businesses become a trusted part of people’s lives by creating services, products and brands in which people admire. Along with that Boredpuma acts as a creative as well as strategic resource to their clients through every step of the process by aligning inspiration, business objectives along with building a story.

Furthermore, Boredpuma represents artists and directors by collaborating with international brands as well as agencies; these artists are determined on creating expressive visual media though publishing, digital media and campaigns. Boredpuma artists fill their work with a distinct voice, and they prosper on collaboration.

Boredpuma believes in the expression of art. Therefore, by establishing a foundation in which all specialists work together in order to support the artistic expression, they are able to create artworks which are diverse. Whether it be fashion, music or film, Boredpuma does not discriminate the artists definition of art, they make sure they get the work done.

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