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Boost for Indians heading to UK! Indian-origin Priti Patel announces new points-based Visa system

Mayank Kumar

Boost for Indians heading to UK! In order to attract 'brightest and the best' minds around the world, the Home Secretary of United Kingdom Priti Patel has announced the new visa system for immigrants, reported PTI. The new system will operate on the basis of points earned by the Visa applicants on account of possessing different skills. The system will come into effect from January 1, 2021 when the transition period of Brexit will end, the report further said. The system will end the currently existing free movement of EU citizens and hence be applicable equally to all the migrants from the EU as well as non-EU countries seeking entry into the UK. The proposed changes in UK labour and visa policies for migrants are likely to benefit Indians who are on the lookout for jobs and education in the UK.

Calling the moment historic, the Indian-origin Home Secretary said that the UK is taking back control of its borders and delivering on the promise to reduce the overall migration into the country. Priti Patel is the senior-most Indian-origin minister in the Boris Johnson cabinet. She further said that the new system, which will allow only those who earn points on the basis of their skills, to eventually boost the UK's economy and its communities. She expressed hopes that the new system can enable the UK to realise its full potential and end the country's over-reliance on cheap migrant labour.

The UK Home Office has also announced that the Global Talent Scheme will be operational from February 14, which will provide fast-track visa to the EU citizens from next year to enable qualified researchers and scientists to enter the UK without a job offer.

Revealing the details about the new points-based system, the Boris Johnson-led government said that it will take judicious steps to set points threshold to make the policies attractive for the talents that the UK needs right now. The Skilled workers will have to fulfil numerous criteria such as the ability to speak English and possession of job offer.

The home office said that remuneration threshold will be kept at 25,600 pounds as per the policy guidelines prepared by the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC). The proposed salary threshold is lower than the previous salary level of 30,000 pounds set for the Tier 2 work visas. As per the proposals in the new system, skilled workers who will be looking to work in the UK will need qualifications up to A-level or equivalent, rather than the earlier existing requirement of degree-level qualifications. However, upholding the PM Johnson's manifesto promises made for the December 2019 General Election, the Home Office has set no specific route for low-skilled workers.

The UK has introduced the new points-based system for migrant students as well and it will come into effect next year, simultaneously with the visa process for skilled labours. Students who are aspiring to study in the UK will need to establish an admission offer from any of the UK's approved educational institution.