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How to solve people related issues

The larger problems we solve are all people related issues. Retaining talent, collaborating with colleagues, managing clients or managing a boss’s expectations or for that matter, even managing the relationships in our personal lives – every one of these problems is people related in some way or the other. This has led the author, Vishal Jacob, to to try and understand why we behave the way we do. The result of the endeavour is ‘Connecting with Yourself’, a summary of the writer’s learnings.

An excerpt from the book:

It was time to tuck my son into bed. We have a habit of reading him a story before he sleeps, so I casually asked him, “Kevin, who would you like to have read you a story for the night?”

He said without any hesitation, “Mom, of course!”

Ouch! That hurt.

“Why Mom?” I asked.

“Well,” he replied. “She is good at telling stories.”

He was right. My wife does tend to bring stories alive.

I have spent my entire career in the communication industry working for different agencies. One would expect me to deliver great stories, but as my son so clearly pointed out, it is not my greatest strength! However, over the years, I have added value by helping people tell their stories. As a coach and mentor, I have helped people connect their own dots. From their workplace presentations to key aspects of their lives, I have helped them relate their stories.

I believe every life is an interesting story and this story is best written when people go through life’s experiences by staying deeply connected to who they truly are. Unfortunately, not many people know themselves deeply enough. Our schools, colleges and workplaces do not teach us the art of self-introspection. So most of us go through life with just the intention of meeting the standard expectations of our parents, teachers and society. Then, somewhere down this line of trying to fit in with the lot, we lose touch with the key elements that make us who we really are.

The journey of self-discovery is an interesting one. For me, it started by asking myself repeatedly why I thought, felt and acted the way I did in different situations. I believe that staying connected to my sense of self is the reason I have enjoyed the experiences life has thrown my way. The more I have walked down this path, the more I have looked forward to this never-ending journey. I have come to believe that success depends less on major life choices and more on our daily decisions, actions and habits. These are based on our perception of right and wrong and are influenced by our thoughts and feelings. Even though it is known that the brain plays an integral part in creating each of these—thoughts, feelings, perceptions, habits, behaviour and more—surprisingly, very few of us are aware of how our brain helps us get there.

The intention of writing this book is to kindle the fire of self-discovery and provide the reader with a starting point of why he/she thinks, feels and acts a certain way. This book presents some interesting facts about the human brain. These are facts every individual should know as they open the doors to understanding ourselves and others better. The ideas in this book are drawn heavily from concepts in neuroscience and psychology.

Author: Vishal Jacob

Publisher: Notion Press

Price: Rs 100 (Kindle Edition); Rs 200 (Paperbabck)

Available on Amazon