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BMW Group Announces Special Finance Offers In India: Here Are ‘Easy Start’ Details

Punith Bharadwaj

BMW Group has announced new special finance offers to its customers in India. The new finance offers include a host of benefits while making a purchase decision to offer ease of ownership to the customers.

The special finance offer includes a low-interest rate, buyback policy, and long term loans; among others. The company is offering special finance schemes on select BMW and Mini models in the brand's Indian line-up.

Ms Kathrin Frauscher, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, BMW India Financial Services said, "The BMW Group has always stepped up to the needs of its customers. We understand their desires and are quick to offer the best solutions that bring them true joy. BMW India Financial Services has come up with a brand-new 'Easy Start' plan that potential customers will find hard to resist."

Moving to the details of the finance offer, the 'Easy Start' includes up to 40 per cent lower EMIs for the initial 2.5 years with 0 per cent down-payment. Customers looking for a lower financial commitment during the initial period of the purchase can opt for this scheme. Additionally, the customers can choose to restructure the loan at zero charges as per their requirements and convenience at any point of time in the repayment period.

Alongside the above finance offer, the company is offering attractive low-interest rates depending on the model and variant of choice. A special introductory interest rate 5.99% is being offered currently on the BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series and the BMW X3.

BMW / MINI 360˚ is another scheme that enhances the ownership experience from both brands. Customer owning a BMW or a Mini is assured buy-back value in case they are looking to sell their cars, or they can opt for the flexible end of term options supported by the dealerships.

Customers are offered a pre-decided and guaranteed buy-back value of their BMW or MINI which is immune to the market fluctuations or demand. The pre-defined buy-back value will be set based on the ex-showroom price of the car.

Buyers not looking for special financing offers can opt for an alternative scheme called 'BMW Service Inclusive Plus' and 'BMW Repair Inclusive'. Both are a range of transparent service packages that cover maintenance, inspection and wear-and-tear of the car. The packages can either be upgraded or extended as per the customer's requirement as well.

Customers looking to opt for any of the above newly introduced schemes by BMW group can make use of the recently launched BMW / MINI Contactless Experience digital platform. It enables customers to explore and buy new and pre-owned cars, book vehicle service, make payments securely online and more here are more details.

Thoughts About BMW Group Announcing Special Finance Offers & Service Packages

BMW Group is providing flexible finance options to ease the ownership and help with the purchase decision. The brand is also offering an alternative option in terms of extended service and maintenance package to customers who are not looking for financial offers.

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