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Bluetooth on phones to soon let you track lost gadgets better

FE Online

Soon, Bluetooth will have a new feature which will let companies keep a track of your objects “down to the centimeter”, said the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The group says that is in the process of integrating Bluetooth s current object-tracking feature with another – radio direction – so that precise calculation could be taken into account.

This new feature has the potential to fundamentally change tracking technology, such as Tile s solution to locate lost items.

At present, Bluetooth systems keep a track of objects by calculating their signal strength, however, they have a wide accuracy range of one and 10 meters.

Therefore, as Bluetooth Special Interest Group adds the feature for gadgets to track the direction a signal is coming from, in addition to its just its distance, it will make that calculation more accurate, the company release said.

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When this feature is turned on, Bluetooth trackers could inform users where an object is exactly, the group said.

This is a great way to locate missing gadgets, the new feature will enable the tracking accuracy in indoor spaces where Bluetooth beacons are utilised to help users navigate their way.

Although, using Bluetooth tracking could prove helpful in many ways, however, fears remain that a company could know your whereabouts anytime at any moment.