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How Blogchatter is helping bloggers blog better

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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How Blogchatter is helping bloggers blog better
How Blogchatter is helping bloggers blog better

15 Oct 2020: How Blogchatter is helping bloggers blog better

A Google search of 'blogging in India' will show various hacks of becoming a blogger.

These tips will get you a decent blog and an unrealistic dream of earning $600,000. But they won't tell you how to be a successful and impactful blogger with sustained results and community support.

However, Blogchatter, one of India's largest blogging communities, is helping bloggers to get better.

Community support: "You need people to rally around your blog"

Richa Singh, co-founder of Blogchatter says, "Whatever I have learned about blogging, internationally and now domestically through running Blogchatter is that blogging does not happen in silos. You need people to rally around your blog, or your idea and to make it their own and champion it forward."

She believes this is the only way bloggers can create impact in the online world.

BlogRolls: BlogRolls lets the community discover each others' work

If you dig deeper into the community and its model, the first thing you will notice is the trademarked BlogRolls.

This feature will allow you to submit your blogposts/video links to be discovered by bloggers from every walk of life.

Additionally, you also get to read/view others in fields similar to yours or as diverse as you would wish.

Content creation: The Tips section focuses on content creation and marketing

With the pandemic, content creation has reached an all-time high.

Right from 5-second video teasers to an increasing number of YouTubers, podcasters and bloggers, there are so many new avenues to explore.

Blogchatter has a Tips section on its website (open only to its registered users) that talks about content marketing and content creation, along with their favorite topic- how to build a community.

Campaigns: Their campaign 'My Friend Alexa' is coming up this month

The community at Blogchatter is at the forefront of all their efforts.

To facilitate better blogging, they have a number of internal campaigns like an online writing festival, video blogging festival, and an eBook carnival where bloggers can self-publish their eBooks.

Another campaign called My Friend Alexa is coming up this October, which will be a challenge around Alexa and its associated tools.

Reach: They also conduct weekly social media sessions on Twitter, FB

While the campaigns are monthly affairs, Blogchatter for the last half a decade has been running weekly social media sessions on Twitter (every Wednesday at 8.30 PM) and Facebook Lives (every Friday at 8 PM) on their own handles.

In the beginning, the chats were mostly around blogging but now their scope has increased much like the interests of its community.

Social causes: The community at Blogchatter champions important causes as well

From building tracks around book blogging to championing important causes, this community caters to its members' ever-widening horizons.

Each year they champion mental health by choosing a day around World Suicide Prevention Day, for sharing statistics and resources to start the conversation.

They recently celebrated International Literacy Day by listing down NGOs that provide e-learning equipment to the underprivileged, to amplify their efforts.

Valuable partners: Partnering with India's biggest brands brings value to the community

As opposed to the West, online conversation led by blogging communities is still at a nascent stage in India. But the pandemic has now interestingly brought focus on bloggers to drive a brand's message.

Since brands are an important part of the blogging ecosystem, Blogchatter has partnered with India's top brands for designing custom campaigns to bring value to the brands and the community.