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Blockchain start-up '' joins Intel Neuromorphic Research Community

Rashi Bhattacharyya
·3-min read

Blockchain start-up
Blockchain start-up

15 Sep 2020: Blockchain start-up '' joins Intel Neuromorphic Research Community is the first blockchain start-up to join the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC).

This research community, founded in March 2018, promotes the development of neuromorphic algorithms, software, and applications.

Through the INRC, Intel offers access to its Loihi cloud systems and "Kapoho Bay," a Loihi-based USB form factor system, which has already stimulated research into real applications for neuromorphic technologies.

INRC: The many accomplishments of INRC

The research community has over 75 members, including universities, government laboratories and companies like Accenture, Airbus, GE and Hitachi.

Intel has also expanded its neuromorphic computing system by integrating 768 of its Loihi chips into a 5-rack system called "Pohoiki Springs," which contains the equivalent of 100 million neurons.

This cloud-based system will enable research and development of larger and more complex neuromorphic algorithms.

Details: The first blockchain start-up in Intel's research group

Notably, the Munich-based company is the the first blockchain start-up to have been accepted into this prestigious research group run by Intel. has been researching the development of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing chips since mid-2019.

Since this technological approach is being actively researched by a company for the first time, the said partnership is receiving a lot of attention.

Plans: The company's future plans with the research group plans to use the Intel Loihi, a self-learning test chip for neuromorphic research introduced in November 2017, to accelerate the research and development of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing chips.

The company also intends on introducing technology platforms to link global market for neuromorphic technologies.

One of the platforms will be a decentralized B2B marketplace for technology companies and suppliers to trade neuromorphic-based technological products.

NMP tokens: The potential use of NMP tokens in the B2B marketplace

In the B2B marketplace, companies may trade in research results, chips, and computer technologies with the help of the specially-introduced token called 'NMP'.

This NMP token is limited to a total of 10 million units, and only a small part can be traded in the free market.

Most of the tokens are only made available to enable technologies to be traded on decentralized platforms.

Fact: A look at future plans

The crypto start-up plans that around 150 Fortune-500 companies will use the platform to buy and sell neuromorphic computing technologies by mid-2021. The strong growth of the market for neuromorphic technologies forecast by analysts will also accelerate this development, according to Managing Director Michael Brandt.

Support: The partnership hopes for support from the EU and Germany

In fact, the start-up raised $1.5 million through its ICO and sale of NMP tokens to invest in high-performance computers for advanced research.

This partnership will provide access to chips as cloud services and the Kapoho Bay platform, and enable scientific exchange between companies with blockchain experience.

For more information, you may visit Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC)'s website and the start-up's website