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Blacklite District's Music Helps to Come Out of Dark Times and Even Depression


If you haven’t heard of Blacklite District then there is a good chance that you have been living under a rock. Kyle Pfeiffer, better known by his stage name Blacklite District, is a talented artist who has capitalized on the popular “Minecraft” video game in order to provide visuals to his songs. “Minecraft” is a video game geared toward a younger audience which allows its players to explore and construct their own world. By providing the “Minecraft” aesthetic to his visuals, Blacklite District has successfully garnered an audience who appreciates his music just as much as they appreciate the videos.

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Blacklite District describes his musical style as a distinct genre which falls somewhere in the folds of both Alternative music and Hip Hop. When Blacklite District first started making music he was in a teenage band that made primarily hard rock music. He feels as though his current sound is too dynamic to be definitely categorized as solely Hip Hop or Alternative. But Blacklite District knows that his audience is composed largely of a younger crowd. His first “Minecraft” music video was titled “Cold as Ice” and it received over 60 million views on YouTube! Blacklite District now even has over 137,000 subscribers on YouTube. He states that he loves making music, but he truly finds pleasure in hearing his fans express how his music gets them though their dark times and even depression. Blacklite District wants to continue to be a spark of hope in the lives of those with low spirits. 

It behooved Blacklite District to draw attention to the importance of his family and how they have had such a positive impact on his career. He explains how dear it is to him that his grandparents, Tony and Sheila, always represented a strong support system for his music. Blacklite District has also created his own record label called AK19 Entertainment, LLC, which he operates alongside his wife Amber. 

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Blacklite District explains that in the beginning of his career he really didn’t know how to properly create music videos. He was merely using his cell phone to provide a video and song via YouTube about once every month. Nonetheless, Blacklite District’s “Minecraft” idea was crucial. Creating the music videos drew attention to Blacklite District’s Spotify, and now Spotify is his number one source of income. He explains that he truly feels as though he is finally living the dream now that he is able to earn six figures a year simply from expressing his creativity. 

Blacklite District has created a total of 8 Minecraft music videos which can be seen on YouTube. Recently, he released the music video for his song “Falling” which was trending at #3 on YouTube and had received over 1.3 million views in just 3 days. Blacklite District thinks it is very important that people understand that there is more than one way to achieve your goals. He always had a dream of building a following based on masses of people enjoying his music, but he never thought he would gain so much attention in the way that he did. He mentions that he never would have been able to obtain the benefits that he has nor would he have formed the flourishing partnership he is in if he wasn’t discovered from creating “Minecraft” music videos. It is important that other people learn that there is limitless ways of attracting attention aside from traditional promotion methods.  

Be sure to follow this popping artist on Instagram @blacklitedistrct and be on the lookout for his debut Album titled “You’re Welcome,” which will be releasing this summer on July 17th!