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BJP’s Sambit Patra trips on $5 trillion question, quips ask Rahul Gandhi | WATCH

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Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Sambit Patra faced embarrassment on national television when Congress leader Gourav Vallabh asked him to tell the number of zeroes in a trillion. Patra, who is otherwise known for his vocal skills and debating style, came face to face with the Congress leader during a live broadcast of a debate over the Modi government's 100 days in power.

The video of the debate on a Hindi TV news channel from September 10 is doing rounds on social media, prompting responses from netizens.

During the discussion, Patra reiterated PM Narendra Modi's vow to make the country a $5 trillion economy by 2024. To this, Congress spokesperson took a jibe and asked Patra if he knows the number of zeroes in 5 trillion. Vallabh said that the BJP leader and his colleagues keep speaking of $5-trillion economy, "tell me the number of zeroes that are there in a trillion".

Patra, who could not answer immediately, tactfully skipped answering the question and instead attacked former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Vallabh was then asked if he knew the number of zeroes in a trillion. The Congress leader was prepared and explained that a trillion had 12 zeroes, 10 raised to the power 12.

Watch the video here:

How many Zeros are there in 5 Trillion? Priyanka Gandhi Vadra trolls Sambit Patra’s reply to Gourav Vallabh’s question

The video appeared to amuse Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as she responded with a thumbs up on Twitter. However, she later deleted the tweet.

Patra responded to Gandhi’s tweet and trained his guns at Rahul Gandhi. He also wondered if Gandhi’s husband and industrialist Robert Vadra had answered to the queries of Enforcement Directorate. Vadra is an accused in a money-laundering case and has been under the radar of investigating agencies in the past few years.

"Priyanka Gandhi Ji, I am neither Rahul Gandhi who knows "zero" about anything nor am I Mr Vadra who knows only about "zeros" to fill his coffers. By the way, has Mr Vadra answered the ED as to how may zeroes he has pocketed or is he on his way to join Mr Chidambaram?" Patra wrote on Twitter.