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BJP fails to act against Akash Vijayavargiya despite PM’s rebuke, shows party in poor light

The Financial Express
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Things came to such a pass at the ruling party, the BJP, that PM Modi himself had to admonish party-leaders over the Akash Vijayavargiya incident, saying action must be taken, no matter whose son he (or those BJP workers who celebrated with gunfire the young MLA getting bail in a case of assault of a public official) was. Vijayavargiya inists his assault of the Indore Municipal Corporation officer was "in public interest". But, even if that should eventually prove true, what he-clearly also his party, which has not taken action against him so far-has failed to appreciate is that the people's mandate is not permission to take law and order into one's hands. The assault not only reflects a broader disrespect for administration, but considering it is the BJP that controls the Indore corporation, it should have seemed to the BJP as distrust in its leadership. Instead, party functionaries threw a hero's welcome upon Vijayavargiya's release on bail.

The local BJP unit, and indeed, the party leadership is likely to wait for the controversy to die down; hence, the eyewash of a disciplinary committee inquiry. Indeed, if the party were serious, it would have at least bothered to put Vijayavargiya under suspension while the inquiry proceeded, but no such thing has been done. Worse, Vijayavargiya's father, Kailash Vijayavargiya, a national general secretary of the party, initially shut down criticism of the assault in the media and later downplayed the incident. PM Modi was right to condemn the act, given how it is an assault on the governance structure of India. If the BJP leadership still buries its head in the sand, it would have helped erode the average Indian's faith in government and governance.