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Bitfoliex, Innovation in Digital Currency – Migration to the Digital World


Bitfoliex is a crypto wallet and exchange. You can store, transfer, and exchange your cryptocurrencies in a safe, easy, and fast way. It started in October 2018 and after one year, in October 2019; it had more than 886,000 verified users. Today it is over a million.  Bitfoliex is a financial tool that arises from the need to facilitate anyone's access to the crypto world. The team has witnessed the evolution of cryptocurrencies, and despite its popularity, there were no friendly tools for its users. In the era of the latest technology where everyone is shifting their paying methods to digital, one of the best methods that stand out for its ease of use is the crypto wallet Bitfoliex.

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The situations we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 have many consequences for people, companies, and the global economy. However, during these difficult times, technology is being really helpful to all human beings and companies. It's not only helping to fight the epidemic with the entire medical and supply technology, but it is also helping us to stay as connected as possible to try and continue to live our lives as close to normal as possible.

Different companies and several jobs have also been affected by these precautionary measures issued by the government (Lockdown). This situation has forced everyone to start operating with a home office system. Most companies had to shift all their operations to the digital world in order to continue operating in an effective and profitable way.

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All these changes involve a large number of people to shift from traditional banking methods to the digital one and in this situation; cryptocurrency makes its specific place in the digital world. Blockchain technology is no longer a novelty. Millions of users of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have used the tool of bitfoliex to enter this new world. It is the fastest-growing wallet in Latin America and among the top 10 tools worldwide. They do not charge any registration fee and has made this wallet one of the most popular in the market.

One of the most important things you need to acquire is a crypto wallet or a digital assets-wallet. There are many brands that offer the services of keeping, sending, and, receiving digital assets, but the most popular ones are usually offered on mobile or websites. This is why financial platforms that host and provide these services have become more and more popular in the fintech sector.

The share of total retail sales generated via e-commerce in 2020 is expected to be around 16%. This percentage is expected to rise to 22% in 2023 although these numbers have increased because of the COVID-19. Several businesses migrate to the digital world and e-commerce became the most successful business nowadays.

Finally, the bitfoliex platform allows you to create a user and obtain a crypto wallet to make or receive crypto payments. Platforms like this are important to e-commerce as it allows users to make transactions from FIAT to crypto, from crypto to FIAT. Most companies have started to adopt these types of payments to facilitate the transaction process for their consumers.

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