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Big Indian Railways’ boost for Uttar Pradesh! Modi Cabinet approves new rail line between Sahjanwa-Dohrighat

Devanjana Nag

Big Indian Railways boost for Uttar Pradesh! The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has today approved the constriction of an 81.17 kilometres long new railway line between Sahjanwa and Dohrighat in Uttar Pradesh. The railway project will be carried out by the Construction Organization of North Eastern Railway at a cost of Rs 1,319.75 crore. It is being said that the project will be completed by 2023-24. According to a PIB release, the project area is economically backward, densely populated as well as deficient in road transport facilities. With the establishment of this new Indian Railways line, people of the area will get the much-needed railway facility and connectivity boost. Apart from providing railway connectivity, the project will also help in the growth of small scale industries in the area.

According to Piyush Goyal-led Railway Ministry, the new railway line project will also generate direct employment during the construction period for around 19.48 lakh man days. The railway alignment from Sahjanwa to Dohrighat, lies mostly in the district of Gorakhpur and a very small area in Mau district, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The gauge conversion of Indara-Dogrighat section has been sanctioned already and now with the approval of the new railway line, connecting Sahjanwa to Dohrighat, the project will complete the missing link and also will also provide an alternate railway route, avoiding the district of Gorakhpur.

According to the press release, once this railway line project is complete, an alternate railway route linking Chhapra to the state capital, Lucknow avoiding congestion in Gorakhpur, will also be available. Thus, the Railway Ministry believes that the Sahjanwa- Dohrighat railway line project is needed for better socio economic development of the hinterland of this backward area with the help of the national transporter.

Besides Sahjanwa- Dohrighat railway line in Uttar Pradesh, new railway lines have also been approved for the state of Assam as well as between Allahabad and Mughalsarai.