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Bhajanpura school blot on govt claims: Open classrooms, dirty premises greet kids

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Bhajanpura school blot on govt claims: Open classrooms, dirty premises greet kids

While the Delhi government makes tall claims about the education system, a government school in Bhajanpura in North East Delhi shows a completely different picture. This school lacks the basic amenities like classrooms, drinking water and clean premises. The children are forced to study under the scorching sun in summer and rain during the monsoon season.

The school, which was established in 2012, runs in two shifts and has been functioning under the similar conditions since its inception. About 1,700 children are enrolled in this school which has only 14 classrooms.

As a result, several schoolchildren are made to sit in the open and even, sometimes, carry their own blackboard.

Two of the three water coolers installed inside the premises for drinking water don't function. Therefore, the children have to bring water from their home. The parents of the schoolchildren also complained about the condition and claimed that their children cannot even get drinking water even during the summer when the temperature soared to 48 degrees celsius.

While talking about their plight and condition of the school, a school girl told India Today TV "Whenever I drink water from the water cooler inside the school, the caretaker beats me up and the restroom is also locked.

Sewer water has been overflowing around the water cooler for a long time and no repair work has been initiated. Moreover, members of the School Management Committee (SMC) told India Today about the terrible state of the school.

The condition of the school reveals the mismanagement of the school administration.

The SMC members said they have contacted the school administration several times regarding the awful condition of the school but it paid no heed to their suggestions. SMC member Tushar Sharma said several meetings were conducted with the school administration but in vain.

School Management Committee member Barkha said that about Rs 11 lakh is given to the school administration every year to improve the system inside the schools. However, neither the school administration nor the School Management Committee said what the school administration does with the money.

When contacted, AAP MLA Dutt Sharma said that he does not have any information about the dirty condition of the school. However, he assured that he will visit the school tomorrow and take stock of the situation.